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Baby Pool Floats

Baby Pool Floats

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Pools can be dangerous places for babies and toddlers if they are not properly supervised. However, with the right baby pool float, you can let your little one enjoy the water while keeping them safe.

Our wide range of baby pool floats is designed for children from birth through toddler years. We carry top brands and styles including baby boat floats with protective canopies, infant float rings with a soft mesh seat, inflatable unicorn and swan floats for babies that provide back support, and multi-use reclining floats with an adjustable seat.

Our Quality Baby Floats Keep Your Child Secure

All of our infant and toddler pool floats are made from durable vinyl materials that won’t easily puncture or leak air. Some feature multiple built-in air chambers so they won’t suddenly deflate if one chamber gets a hole. The soft padded headrest and sturdy backrest on many pool swim floats cradle your baby comfortably while supporting the proper positioning of their head & back. Attached safety handles give your child something secure to hold during the ride.

Fun Pool Float Shapes for Babies and Toddlers

We offer exciting Baby pool float shapes aimed at delighting babies and toddlers. Popular options include colorful floating garden flowers for babies to climb onto and hide among the soft petals, cartoon critter floats with floppy ears or playful expressions to evoke smiles, and pretty butterfly or unicorn floats for a little aspiring princess. With so many fun themes, you’ll have no trouble finding a baby swimming pool float to spark their imagination!

Swim Floats Designed for Safety and Visibility

Some Baby pool float designs include bright color patterns, contrasting colors between seat and canopy, or reflective accents to make it easy to spot your little swimmer in a busy pool. Mesh canopies on infant reclining floats provide shade but are transparent to allow you a clear view of your child. Sturdy constructed inner rings prevent tiny float riders from submerging underwater. Some baby floats even include an attachable moving musical toy to entertain the baby when drifted into shady corners yet mark their location with sound.

Premium Features for Extra Fun and Parents’ Peace of Mind

Many of our featured baby pool floats include premium upgrades focused on child development or parent needs. Some baby floats have crinkle toys or spinning beads to amuse and occupy the baby between swimming ventures. Canopied baby floats may include breathable side windows that roll up, allowing air to cool the baby yet unfurling to block harsh sun. High backrest sides provide lateral support for a baby still building balance and neck strength. Floats offering reclining positions support little bodies transitioning from infant to sitting balance stages. And cup holders built into toddler pool float designs give parents and children spots to stow juice, water, or sunscreen nearby!

Swimming Pool Float Uses for Infants and Toddlers

Baby pool floats serve multiple development and safety needs, more so than cheap generic floats. Float rings with good head support properly position babies as they interact with the water, encouraging physical movement and sensory play during this key infant stage. Toddlers transitioning to walking and then swimming gain confidence in sturdy, well-balanced baby float designs holding their natural seated posture. For relaxing break times, padded reclining floats allow infants or toddlers to rest while sheltered from the overhead sun and still enjoy the pool atmosphere their parents and siblings experience.

Tips for Safe, Fun Use of Baby Pool Floats

While baby pool floats enhance safety and fun when appropriately used under supervision, special care should be taken to make each pool excursion accident-free. Always use UPF 50+ bathing suits & waterside shade to prevent burns, keeping in mind that clouds passing overhead can quickly magnify UV exposure. When placing the baby into float, carefully adjust all safety handles and leg openings for a snug yet comfortable fit. Periodically check air chambers for inflation level and re-fill whenever the float doesn’t hold the toddler well above the water line. Never use air pumps near pools, only battery-powered pumps to avoid the risk of electric shock. Routinely sanitize float surfaces and wash baby’s hands to prevent germ transfer between float riders. Pool time wearing sunscreen, swim diapers as needed, secured floatation and watchful parents lets baby splash safely all season long!

Shop Baby Pool Floats by Child Age and Style

This covers the key options and benefits of using baby floats for aquatic fun. Browse our full baby pool float selection online or in-store to find the right model and features for your child’s age and safety needs. From basic leg-opening rings elevating newborns just above the waterline to playful animal float designs stabilized for actively splashing toddlers, there is a baby swim float here for infants and children through age 3. Let us help you find the perfect float so your tiny water baby can safely splash the season away!

  • Make a splash this summer with our adorable animal-themed baby pool floats! Keep your little one cool and comfortable while teaching them to swim.
  • Fun and functional - our baby pool floats feature cute animal designs that kids love, plus safety handles for stability and molded, padded seats for comfort during swimtime play.
  • Durable and buoyant - crafted from thick durable plastic that holds up well to outdoor summer pool use. Bright colors stand out and the textured material provides grip.
  • Convenient size for pool swim floats - compact size is ideal for fitting in kiddie and baby pools. Measures 25 x 25 x 6 inches. Supports up to 50 lbs.
  • Animal themes to choose from pink flamingo, green turtle, yellow duckling, blue shark. Collect them all!
  • Safety handles provide stability - extended handles allow parents to assist and stabilize the baby as needed.
  • Molded seat with backrest - contoured seat with backrest allows baby to sit up comfortably. 2 leg holes allow legs to dip into water.
  • Made from BPA and phthalate-free plastic for your peace of mind.
  • Perfect baby shower gift for the little swimmer-to-be. Great for ages 6-24 months.
  • Take it to grandma’s pool swim floats - compact size is easy to transport for use in multiple pools. Collapses flat after the pool.
  • Teach your baby to swim early with our deluxe swimming pool floats learning system. Adapts for different stages.
  • Sturdy inflatable design can hold up to 30 lbs. Air chambers for safety and dual inflation valves.
  • Canopy attachment for shade - shields baby from sun’s harmful rays (canopy sold separately).
  • Grow with baby from sitter to pool swim floats with convertible designs. Adjustable to allow lying back.
  • This brightly colored turtle float entertains while helping build water confidence and skills.
  • Cute turtle design provides security as little swimmers get comfortable kicking and floating.
  • From dog pool floats to keep your pup cool during hot summer months, to comfortable and safe pool swim float options, we've got your water fun covered!
  • Fun in the sun! This camera-ready pooch posing poolside on a giant boosted float is sure to get some likes!
  • Calling all hip hounds! No more dog-paddling to keep cool. Give your water-loving canine some inflatable Baby pool float luxury!
  • Avoid pop and puncture with our durable high-quality PVC construction. Thick raft-style bases offer extreme buoyancy for dogs up to 200 lbs!
  • Shelter dogs cool off in a wading pool thanks to this generous donation of an oversized inflatable raft bed - complete with a canopy!
  • Keep your pool toys organized and protected from the elements with our selection of storage bins, lockers, and hammocks. Various sizes and colors are available.
  • Safely stow baby float for pool and other water toys out of the way using our clever wall-mounted storage rack. Easy to access when pool time rolls around!
  • No space for a storage box? Use our mesh laundry bag to collect and hang small pool toys, goggles, rings, and dive sticks from your fence when not in use.
  • Large-capacity nylon storage hammocks in fun bright colors hold tons of floaties, noodles, kickboards, and more up and out of the way when the swimming pool floats are not in use.

Dog Swimming Pool Float:

Don't leave your furry friend out of the pool party! Explore our selection of dog swimming pool floats. Designed specifically for canine companions, our floats provide a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for your beloved pet.

Pool Swim Float:

Dive into the Baby pool float with confidence using our pool swim float. Engineered for maximum buoyancy and stability, our baby float for pool enhances your swimming experience while keeping you safe and secure.

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