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Flying Air Balloons Kids Toy

Flying Air Balloons Kids Toy

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  • Air swimmers can stimulate your awareness during the game. Remote control toy sharks can help children develop hand and eye coordination, which is very important for children.
  • Air swimmers are easy to control, have "immersion and climbing" and "left and right" control functions and can move freely; you only need to add helium, only for indoor
  • Remote control flying fish can freely manipulate, manipulate and use air swimmers, can meet the needs of children's activities and increase their enthusiasm, and bring children a happy and memorable childhood.
  • Air swimmers can promote the development of children's thinking and practical habits, form the purpose of using hands and brain, and can cultivate children's focus and endurance.
  • The flying shark only needs four AAA batteries to control flying fish (one in the body and three in the controller), and they have full 360-degree direction control. Only at any party store, florist or supermarket with balloon.
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